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Enjoy seeing holiday sights in NYC such as Rockefeller Center and Times Square In all its holiday glory!


Full and Short Form Tour

St. Patrick Cathedral, as seen on one of our Manhattan Tours

Come and explore some of NYC’s greatest architectural wonders as we take you through three major architectural periods of the 19th and twentieth centuries all within 20 square blocks of each other (Beaux Arts, Art Deco, and Neo-Gothic). On this tour you will see prime examples from these periods which include Grand Central Terminal (the finest Beaux Arts building situated right in the heart of East 42nd Street), The NBC Building aka 30 Rockefeller Plaza (an Art Deco wonder that still defies the test of time on Manhattan’s famous 5th Avenue), and St. Patrick’s Cathedral (a neo-gothic wonderland that spans a whole city block!). Other stops on this tour include Trump Tower, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, The Aeolian Building, and the Plaza Hotel in which we re-experience the grandeur of the Beaux Arts era as it applied to hotels built during that time period. There is a lunch break on this tour (1 hour for full tour 45 minutes for Short Form tour. Lunch is not included in the price of the tour).



Central Park Tours in NYC

We don’t need words to describe Central Park. Pictures alone will do it justice! Come with us and explore this outdoor wonder as we take you to some of Central Park‘s most famous focal points. On this tour, you will see the fabulous plaza hotel, the Dakota apartment building yes the very same apartment building where John Lennon lived and was unfortunately shot in front of. Please be advised that this tour is weather permitting and will not run on rainy days and snowy days. On these days will we honor your tickets on our nearby Gems of Midtown East Tour. there is a lunch break on this tour.


Full and Short Form Tour

9/11 Memorial Tour

There is a lunch break on this tour (1 hour for full tour 45 minutes for Short Form tour. Lunch is not included in the price of the tour). On this tour, you will traverse Wall Street, The World Trade Center/9-11 Memorial, The Oculus, Trinity Episcopal Church, St. Paul’s Chapel, China Town, Little Italy, Soho and Greenwich Village. You will learn how 9-11 impacted Downtown Manhattan, visit the famous Stonewall Inn, Experience life in Soho, and enjoy the unique cultural diversity in China Town and Little Italy. Due to the nature of some of the stops on this tour, we do not recommend this tour for children under the age of 7.


Times Square Tours

Come and explore two neighboring squares loaded with lots of history and Macy’s too. On this tour, you will walk about Herald Square and Times Square along with the neighborhood of Chelsea. You will experience how the wonders of west midtown still shape the demographics of New York City. wouldn’t it be wonderful to be in the heart of Times Square especially around the time of New Year’s Eve and see the great ball drop and usher in the new year? I think so! Also, you will experience the life and wonderful neighborhood of Chelsea on this tour. Please be advised that we will not run this tour on New Year’s Eve due to security reasons. We will honor your tickets for another day on this tour.



A specialized two-hour version of our Grand Central and 9/11 Tours in which school groups will learn about downtown Manhattan and Grand Central Terminal. Please be advised that this tour is for school groups only and is not eligible to be chosen as a package for donation winners. Parent coordinators can contact us via our contact us form below the about us section to find out more on booking these specialized tours for their school.

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