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Manhattan Greeterz Walking Tours Supports Local Authors and Artists!
Local Artists and Authors Spotlight
Heather Anne Pastore

Heather Anne Pastore, is not only the owner of Manhattan Greeterz Walking Tours, she is also a world renowned author with three self-published books to her credit. Her books are about a little girl named Melonie that lives in Manhattan with her family. Melonie visits places like Grand Central Terminal in Melonie Goes to Grand Central Terminal, Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Melonie Goes to 5th Avenue: A Day at St. Patrick's and Rockefeller Center, and The Freedom Tower in Melonie Goes to the Freedom Tower. Miss Pastore brings these New York City Landmarks to the children! Buy her books today! They are available on and She also now has published her fourth book A Downtown Manhattan Love Affair.

Joseph S. Pidoriano: Teen Author

Joseph is a native a Staten Island and a Teen author that just published his first book The Dimension Travel Trilogy. Having Asperger's, he has accomplished a feat that no one said he would ever do, publish a book! His book was featured on NY1 news and there was a write-up on him in the Staten Island Advance. This science fiction work will take readers to places such as California County and you will meet people along the way like Will VonAlien. His book is also available on and please check out his Instagram and Facebook Pages named Dimension Travel Trilogy. He also came out with a new book in his Dimension Travel Series.

Micheal Castaldo Italian Tenor and NYC Native

It is that time of year again! The great Micheal Castaldo is touring the tri-state area for his annual Italian Christmas Concert! Not only is he a great singer, he is an author too! To find out dates for his concerts or to purchase his book and CD's please visit

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